friday night in harlem, 1945

​ white teeth shining in cascades of browns and bronzes     glistening gold shines gaiety on this day                                                                this glorious night  where white devils sleep on bricks of discontent somewhere in another galaxy whilewe jive talkin’ signifin’                                be boppin’             let us play the dozens later in thisevening come

Say Something Do Something Pray Something

In regard to Houston not considering that seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes’ murder was not racially motivated, and this country’s insistent and continual apathy over the genocide of Black Americans:

Understand that if we do not call it what it is—WHITE SUPREMACY/STRUCTURAL RACISM/VITRIOL HATE OF BLACK PEOPLE/THE CONTINUOUS ATTEMPTED GENOCIDE OF BLACK PEOPLE/ETC—the racial injustice and unending violence against Black people—womxn, men, and children WILL NOT CEASE. You can act like this murderous hate against Black people is not a reality, but one’s indifference, fear of all of this, the feeling of not knowing what to do about this reality does not make it not exist. Do something, say something, pray something, SCREAM something, question something, listen to something, write something, meditate something, and BE INTENTIONAL, and anchor all of your action in Love.

And, here we go again!

Twenty-Nineteen is going to be an adventurous, heart-expanding, mind-blowing, LoveFull, JoyFull, mysterious, abundantly delicious [in so many ways], and challenging. Life. We live it together; and even when we are alone, we are not. I believe. Happiest New Year to you all.   🤟🏽✌🏽🙏🏽👽

Jazmine Barnes

Time and time again the world, America, Black Americans are told in many ways that Black lives don’t matter. Even in the media’s and America’s silence we are told ‘you don’t matter.’ This past October when Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vickie Lee Jones, 67, were shot down and killed in cold blood in a Kroger’s parking lot by white supremacist killer, Gregory Bush, America barely heard a peep, and there was little reaction. My Mom and I mourned together. Two days later, eleven synagogue worshipers were gunned down by a white supremacist killer. The whole world mourned—including me and my Mom. 

This is Jazmine Barnes, who was murdered for no other reason than hate—because her glorious skin is brown; because she is a [7 year old] Black American. Let us please hold her and her family in our hearts and prayers. And do not let her violent and senseless death be in vain.♥️✊🏽

World AIDS Day

Back in the 90s I watched as many of my friends, family, and co-workers began to wither away as their bodies were being ravaged by AIDS. I recall cleaning up throw-up, funerals, and turning to say something to Daniel, only to be met with an empty seat. So many empty seats... A seemingly never ending cloud of despair and panic hovered over the Crescent City. Our weekends dancing and drinking and making out at The Bourbon Pub and Parade or The Monster Bar, unbeknownst to us, would soon turn into bittersweet memories of a time that will never again be; the waning sound of Deep House and Buffalo Stance and laughter disappearing through the cracks in the floor boards and ceiling—their bodies were no more. But their soul and humanity and love are welcome ghosts whom I gladly allow to haunt my heart. I will never forget.


If one more Black person gets 911 called on them or accidentally gets shot by a pig because don’t you know all Afros look the same or gets purposely shot by a cop because they hate us while the Chads and Katies eat their indifference and apathy and fear and hate by stuffing it all down their shiny throats before returning to their pink and blue beds at three with all the other stepfords who want to make ameriKKKa great again....I’m gonna go batshit crazy.


I cannot act as though this is not a chilling and concerning matter. This is not right. These babies are growing scars on their hearts from being treated as less than human. This current hateful authoritarian administration is an ever expanding conflagration. And like a boulder rolling down a hill, it builds up speed as it descends. Our situation is accelerating. We are in the eye of the storm. Don’t hold your breath. Breath. Now. We have work to do.